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Shell List :

1.] 4x12 - Vintage Style WFL /10-ply Back-Cut Reinforcing Hoops ~ JMCD ‘Irrie Green’ Sparkle*

2.] 4x14 - Cherry Face/Maple Core ~ Stunning Clear Lacquer*

3.] 3.75x14 - Pink Marine Pearl ~ Maple Core/ Oak Liner*

4.] 5x14 - 1-ply Steam Bent Maple ~ Black Nitrate Gloss{‘50’s style!}

5.] 7x14 - Figured Cherry ~ Water Clear Lacquer Finish ~ Balanced Mahogany+Poplar Core / 10-ply rings*

6.] 4x14 - JMCD Ltd. Hybrid/Composite Shell {Spun Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass blend} Dense + LOUD ~ Over ½” thick! Vintage WMP*

7.] 4.5x14- 10-ply Oak ~ Iridescent Mean Green Sparkle

8.] 6x13- Figured Cherry Faces/Maple Core ~ Clear Lacquer Finish LaCaCo Bearing Edges { LA Camco Edges }*

9.] 4x14 - 15-ply All Maple ~ Custom Baby Blue Micro-Metallic Lacquer*

10.] 5.5x14-Maple 10-ply ~ WMP

11.] 5.5x13- Vintage Maple-Poplar/ 8-ply maple rings~Clear Lacquer* 12.] 4x14 - 10-ply Oak ~ Dark Blue Marine

13.] 6.5x14 - Maple/Poplar Vintage 8-ply ~ Black ‘50’s Gloss 14.] 5x14 - 10-ply Oak ~ Custom JMCD “Black Galaxy Haloflaky” 15.] 5.5x14 -Steam Bent1-ply Maple ~“StarliteRap” Black/Silver Flakes


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"Tambourine Snare Drums" - Typical 2-Headed 4x12 Custom Snare Drum Incorporating :

  • Custom Slotted 10-ply 100% Maple Shell
  • Blonde Satin-Clear Lacquer Finish
  • 12 pairs of hand selected "Pitch Matched"tm jingles
  • Chrome-over-Brass Tube Lugs
  • 2.3mm Chrome Hoops
  • Premium Pic Throw
  • Machined Butt End
  • Special Selected TB Attack Heads
  • Brass Wires

"Tamborings™" - Single Headed Percussive Device Incorporating :

  • Way Custom Slotted 10-ply 100% 12" Maple Shell
  • Blonde Satin-Clear Lacquer Finish
  • 16 pairs of "Pitch Matched"tm hand selected jingles
  • 8 COB Tom Tube Lugs
  • Custom TC Snare Tensioner - "Mucho" or "Fanned Wires™" - choice of Head Selected Upon User Requirements { Playing/Sonic/ Musical Needs }

Custom Options :

  • Exotic Jingle Metals
  • Rim Ryder™
  • Ruler Duurrrrrrrrrr™
  • Crispie Cables™
  • Jungle Head™


1.] JMCD is moving forward to enter full time production of Custom Snare Drums, Custom Drum Sets, and Percussion Devices; as of January 2009 !


2.] As of December 1st 2008 there will be a special year-end sale. The list will consist of Ltd production variety of snares in:

  • Various wood species
  • Wall thicknesses
  • Reinforcing hoops
  • Custom sizes: 8"-15" Diameter 4"-8" Depths Will be posted 1st week of December...................60 plus shells ! All of the above are Proto Types, Custom Lacquer Finishes, + LTD 1-of-a-Kind Wraps !


3.] Tamborings™ + Tambourine Snare Drums are now in production ! see description


4.] Exclusive Custom Graphics Dept. for Wraps ~ Featuring Delmar's Custom Digital Imprint Process ~ Personalized Designs co-created with Customer ~ Limitless Bursts, Fades,+ Pallet of Colors on Pearls + Sparkles ~ JMCD Exclusive Supersparkle Snare Drum Finishes


5.] JMCD is proud to announce our "New + Improved" Throw-Off + Butt End . Revision, Improvements, + Design Ingredients were merited by a Patent United States Patent Office and granted Renewal ! The " Best Throw Off Available" will be available on 2009 Custom Snare Orders


6.] Also available again: Super Strength Snare Cord Super Strength Tension Rod Washers Beware of Cheap Imitations ! Purchase Factory Direct for the Authentic Product !


7.] Badge-Art T Shirts The badge blown up to 14" across the back of the shirt. XL only in first run

"The drum is a relatively simple instrument-with a bit of black magic," says Joe Montineri, a veteran drum tech, custom builder, and head of product development for drum shell manufacturer Keller Products. Geometrically, a drum is a hollow, enclosed cylinder......but there's so much more to it than that. Its character is defined by the shell and heads, the materials and assembly of which affect sound and performance. Drum shells in particular hold a certain mystery, with the type of wood they're made from, their dimensions, and construction all being important factors in the sound they produce. -Joe

The Drum Book: a history of the rock drum kit

Drums and Drumming have changed enormously between rock'n'roll's emergence in the 1950s and the musically diverse scene of the 1990s. This informative, entertaining book tells for the first time the parallel stories of the growth of rock music and the development of the modern drum kit. Stunning colour photos reveal a unique collection of historic and contemporary drums from key makers like Ludwig in the US, Premier in England, Tama in Japan, and Sonor in Germany, including famous kits owned by Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, and many others. This book reveals how drummers used the established drum kit when rock'n'roll first arrived, and how in the decades that followed players from D. J. Fontana with Elvis Presley to Police sticksman Stewart Copeland combined existing playing techniques to expand rock drumming. The Drum Book is the perfect guide to the evolution of the rock drum kit and the development of the rock drummer, engagingly told in sharp text and illustrated with superb, detailed photographs.

Jeremy Stacey in the studio with Sheryl Crow

4" x 12" closeup. Click permalink at right to see it on a page by itself.

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